Post Office Scheme: Start investing from 1000 rupees per month and get assistance up to 70 thousand,

Post Office Scheme: Hello friends, today we will get information about post office scheme which will be useful for you to invest and save. A number of schemes are released from time to time by the Indian Postal Department. Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme You can get good returns by investing. If you deposit ₹1,000 per month in Post Office’s RD scheme, you will get huge returns in four to five years. We will get detailed information about this scheme later.

Start investment from 1000 rupees per month and get assistance up to 70 thousand – Post Office Scheme

If you invest in Post Office RD Scheme, you are given a hefty interest and this interest can also be deposited in your bank account. If you deposit a small amount every month in the post office, you can get a good return in five to six years. Currently the most running scheme is Post Office’s RD scheme.

Who can invest in this scheme?

Post Office Scheme: The general process of investing in Post Office RD Scheme is available to all Indian citizens. Anyone can invest in this scheme, be it a government employee, self employed, individual category employee, pensioner, kisan, or anyone else.

  • Government employees
  • Independent traders
  • Pensioners
  • Personal category employees
  • of farmers
  • Other Individuals

Find out how much return you get from investing

If you invest in the Post Office Recurring Deposit scheme, you will get the amount after five years of maturity at the rate of 6.7% of your investment with interest and tenure.

  • Suppose you invest at least 1000 rupees every month, then you invest 12 thousand rupees every twelve months, then 60 thousand rupees are invested in five years.
  • Now if we calculate the interest at the rate of 6.7%, your total interest for five years will be Rs 11,396 and you will get 71,369 as total maturity amount as compensation. (Rs 60,000 capital + Rs 11369 interest)

Features of this scheme – Post Office Scheme

  • You can open an account in this scheme with an investment of just 100 rupees.
  • A person can open any number of accounts in this scheme.
  • In addition, compound interest is also available in this scheme.
  • You can also enter your heirs in the plan as a nomination.

Which documents will be required? – Post Office Scheme

  • Aadhaar Card: Aadhaar card is valid as a senior citizen and should be taken along with his card.
  • PEN Card: PEN card acts as your identity certificate and should be taken along with its cut.
  • Account Opening Form: Post Office Account Opening Form is required to be filled which can be obtained from the nearest post office.
  • Customer Identification Document: Any other proof of identification like driving license or passport is also acceptable.
  • Payment Proof: Payment proof for opening RD account along with the withdrawal amount, which you have received from post office assistance or confidential post office replies.

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How to open Post Office RD Scheme?

  • Visit the Post Office:
    • First of all visit your nearest post office.
    • Go to post office and get account opening form to open RD account.
  • Fill the Form: Fill the form with your name, address, date of birth, passport size photo and other information in the form and submit it to the post office.
  • A post office official will review your form and documents.
  • Once verified, your RD account will be opened online or offline.
  • On account opening, you will receive an RD number under the scheme.