Here is what PM Modi wants as Birthday Gift

 Here is what PM Modi wants as a Birthday Gift

Wishes poured in from all corners of the country and on Thursday, the world as PM Modi celebrated his 70th birthday. The PM thanked everyone and said, “These greetings give me the power to serve and work to make my fellow citizens’ lives better.”Here is what PM Modi wants as Birthday Gift

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who celebrated his 70th birthday on Thursday, thanked everyone for their wishes and asked people to continue to wear face masks and to take precautions to fight coronavirus disease (Covid-19) as a present.

Since many have asked, what is it that I want for my birthday, here is what I seek right now:

Keep wearing a mask and wear it properly.

Follow social distancing. Remember ‘Do Gaj Ki Doori.’

Avoid crowded spaces.

Improve your immunity.

Let us make our planet healthy.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) September 17, 2020 

The Prime Minister tweeted what he wanted from people as a gift on his birthday. “A lot of people have asked me what I want on my birthday, so here I want to say what I want immediately,” he wrote. He said, ‘Keep wearing the mask and wear it properly. Adhere to social distance. Always keep two yards in mind. Avoid crowded places. Increase your immunity. ’The Prime Minister concluded by saying let’s make our world healthier. Here is what PM Modi wants as Birthday Gift

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