Gujarat Budget 2020: Good day for farmers! Crop insurance, however, will now receive electricity in the morning


Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Nitin Patel today presented the budget for the eighth time in the assembly. In the budget, special attention was given to Nitin Patel education and farmers. At the same time announced exciting plans and support packages for the elderly as well. Nitin Patel provided a stream of plans and assistance in the budget to please every section of the society. Plans were made to please the farmer, the working class as well as the middle class. So Nitin Patel also made special provisions for people from pastoralism, fisheries. So Gandhinagar will now get a new police commissioner. And the farmers will now get electricity for the day. This was the eighth budget of Nitin Patel, which was being agriculture-oriented.

Nitin Patel’s Budget Speech in Gujarat Legislative Assembly:

For small and medium enterprises, Rs. 1450 crore provision. For Aerospace, Defense Sector Rs. 950 crores. 95 crore for Vibrant Gujarat Summit
Provision of Rs. 5 crore to start air service between Somnath and Dwarka
Rs.5 crore for Amberdi Lion Safari Park in Gir. 35 crore to boost tourism of Nada bats. Rs 10 crore for Balasinor Dinosaur Park. For Shuklatirth, Kabirwad, Mangaleshwar and Angareswar Mega Circuits, Rs. 23 crore allocated by the central government, the state government allocated Rs 5 crore.
Rs.5 crore for development of Hollow Forest. Rs 3 crore for Velavadar Kaliyar Sanctuary. 20 crore for the development of Upkot, Dholavira, Mother’s house in Junagadh. 200 crore to develop Vadnagar as a heritage city. 150 crore for the development of Shivrajpur beach.
Rs. 1100 crore provision for the construction of new 85 thousand dwellings
For the Department of Energy and Petrochemicals, Rs. 13917 crore provision
Rs. 490 crore provision for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme
Provision of Rs. 100 crore for High Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčInternet to Gram Panchayats
Provision of total Rs 9091 crore for Panchayat Rural Housing and Village Development Department
Announcement of Dinkar Yojana in the budget to provide electricity to the farmers on the day. 1489 crore provision for providing one lakh agricultural power connections. Provision of Rs. 7385 crore for providing electricity to subsidized farmers.
To install modern equipment at the fire stations, Rs. 106 crore provision.
Announcement of Chief Minister’s Rural Self Help Scheme Under this scheme, assistance will be given to the sisters of self help groups to buy cereal and spice milling bell. For this, a provision of Rs.7 crore


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