Cabinet Oath LIVE

Kanu Desai, Kirit Rana, Naresh Patel, Pradeep Parmar, Arjun Singh Chauhan were also sworn in as cabinet ministers.

  • Rajendra Trivedi, Jitu Waghan, Hrishikesh Patel, Purnesh Modi and Raghavji Patel were sworn in as the first cabinet ministers.
  • Accounts will be allotted at a cabinet meeting at 4:30 pm after the swearing-in ceremony

Gujarat’s new cabinet will be sworn in today. Preparations for the swearing-in of the cabinet at Raj Bhavan in Gandhinagar have been completed and the swearing-in ceremony will begin shortly. 25 ministers will be sworn in in the new government of Gujarat. Currently, Nitin Patel has reached Raj Bhavan, where Rupani put her hand on his shoulder and welcomed him. Apart from that, ministers-MLAs-leaders including Jagdish Panchal, Pradeep Parmar, Jitu Waghani, Rajendra Trivedi, Rishikesh, Harsh Saghvi have also reached the stage at Raj Bhavan.

MLAs were called to be given ministerial posts

Before the swearing in, MLAs are being called to be given ministerial posts, including Gandevi’s Naresh Patel, Kanu Desai, Dushyant Patel, Kirit Rana, Harsh Sanghvi, Hrishikesh Patel, Arvind Raiani, Manisha Vakil, Pradeep Parmar and Kuber Dindor.

Earlier, Wednesday was a shocking day in Gujarat politics. The posters were suddenly torn down after the stage was set for the swearing in of the new cabinet. The swearing-in was postponed at the last minute. The BJP, which has been in power for the last 25 years, had to take this step for the first time due to the displeasure of its ministers.

Ministers of the new government

Rajendra Trivedi, Jitu Waghan, Hrishikesh Patel, Purnesh Modi and Raghavji Patel were first sworn in as cabinet ministers.

The new cabinet will have many new faces and experiments
According to sources, Bhupendra Patel’s cabinet will have many new faces and experiments. At present, where there is only one woman MLA in the cabinet, it can be replaced by two to three women ministers. There is an anti-incumbency factor against the BJP government, with the exception of members who are much needed to curb it, most of the faces will be new and some will become ministers in the first term. In addition, the balance of caste and region will naturally be maintained.

લાઇવ જોવો નિચેની લિંકથી

Ahir Samaj annoyed

Ahir Samaj is also upset over the discussion that two former ministers of the state, Vasanbhai Ahir and Jawahar Chavda, will not get a place in the new cabinet. The entire Ahir Samaj has openly written a letter protesting the matter and said that if these two leaders are not given ministerial posts in the near future, the BJP is ready to suffer the consequences in the elections. It remains to be seen whether the two leaders will be reinstated at today’s swearing-in ceremony.

As many as 30 ministers are offended by the no-repeat theory

According to BJP sources, about 30 ministers-MLAs are very upset with the no-repeat theory and are determined to go to any lengths. Most of them are ministers who came to BJP from Congress. Kunwarji Bawaliya has come out openly. The party high command is being warned by the society that if the Koli community is insulted, we will see in the elections. In the end, former chief minister Vijay Rupani and state president CR Patil have been given the responsibility of damage control.

Vijay Rupani was given the task of convincing the disgruntled ministers

In Gujarat, the formation of the new Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel’s cabinet was started, in which work was going on according to the formula of not repeating a single former minister. At the same time, some senior ministers, who also have dominance over different castes, were rushing to express their displeasure to different BJP leaders. Under these circumstances, the BJP high command had handed over the task to former chief minister Vijay Rupani instead of different leaders.

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