Always keep this phone on one setting, will help when stolen

Always keep this phone on one setting, will help when stolen.
Today, when you watch on TV or read in the documents, there are instances of theft every day. Nowadays, mobile theft is becoming widespread and many individuals are facing this issue. In this case, to prevent the phone from being stolen, the smartphone should be prepared in advance.

Google will help you setting up

You need to create a Gmail account to use your Android phone. With this account, there are other tasks besides installing apps on the phone. When you log into your account on the phone, your activity starts to be saved as well. Like what did you download? Did the search What song-video did you watch? What was your phone’s location? There are different categories of Chrome, Android, Search, Ad, Image Search, Google News. User can delete his activity from here if he wants. This requires logging into Gmail by going to My Activity.

Always keep the location ON

Search your phone on Google. Open the first link here. You will see the model of your phone. From here you can know the location of your phone, however GPS GPS will be required for that. You can also lock your phone by entering your password. Also find the phone ‘This phone is lost. Please help give it back and you can also enter another phone number. You can also delete all phone data from here.

Earlier a teenager tracked down a stolen phone using the above settings. After doing so, she reached out to a person who had stolen the phone, named Selvaraj Shetty.

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